The MNHA now offers two different tours for their young visitors:

Luxembourg for kids is made for kids of 6 years and up and consists of a tour which combines various activities and leads across twelve stations throughout the collections of the museum. The young visitors are guided by Wulles, the MNHA's lovely mascot whose name is inspired by the "Wëlle Mann", the emblematic sculpture of the Wiltheim buildings adjacent to the museum. The aim of this tour is it to get an insight into the history of Luxembourg in a playful manner and to learn exciting details about culture and everyday life in different time periods.

The Discovery tour is designed for children of 10 years and up and helps them to explore the highlights of our museum collection in an interactive and fun way. The quiz will take them through the entire museum with its different collections: archaeology, coins and medals, fine arts as well as arts and crafts. Equipped with a booklet, the youngsters will need to use their knowledge and insight to find the solutions.