Our repository is full of unexpected treasures. These include the Coins and Medals collection, which features this magnificent case containing the honorary distinction awarded by the city of Aachen in 1960 to Joseph Bech (1887-1975) by the city of Aachen in 1960.

The Luxembourgish statesman, regarded as one of the Fathers of Europe, was presented with the Charlemagne Prize, awarded annually since 1950 for "the most valuable contribution to understanding in Western Europe". Cécile Arnould, scientific assistant at the Cabinet des Médailles, presents this splendid case containing a diploma and medal, a remarkable piece that joined our collection in 1976.

Éric Chenal offers us momentary moving image snapshots of the museum in his MuseoMotion series. Whether it's visitors soaking up the atmosphere of an exhibition, a glimpse behind the scenes of the depot or an in-depth look at an artist's work, Éric aims to capture fleeting moments in the various spaces of the museum.