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Hungry for culture? Check out our short lunchtime tours, designed to fit around your busy schedule! The tours provide a brief but focused encounter with artworks and objects from our collection, with plenty of time left over to grab a bite to eat.

Take 20 minutes out of your lunch break and sample the cultural fare on offer! Be sure to drop by the Gëlle Klack afterwards and get 10% off your lunch.

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Berthe Lutgen's 1968 work, Untitled, is part of a broader body of work from the late 1960s. In this series, the artist explores the representation of women, more specifically the female body, as portrayed in contemporary society and art history. The work resonates with elements of Pop Art, particularly in its evocation of advertising aesthetics, prompting the viewer to contemplate issues such as the male gaze and the objectification of women's bodies. Set against the backdrop of the women’s rights movement, Lutgen was among one of the first artists in Luxembourg to incorporate feminist ideas into her art. As the founder of the "Mouvement de la Libération des Femmes" (MLF) in 1971, Lutgen's unwavering dedication to gender equality and her persistent critical assessment of women's roles in our society continue to underpin her artistic work to this day.